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Joaquín Rossi

Game Designer | Project Manager

Hi there!

I'm Joaquín, a Game Designer and aspiring Project Manager from Uruguay currently studying and living in Helsinki, Finland.

I've had the pleasure of working with many talented Artists, Musicians and Programmers during my +3 years of experience in small scale game development, and hope to keep meeting more talented creators with whom to collaborate!

The following is a selection of projects I've contributed on.


Game Designer

2D Technical Artist

Road Lights started as a personal project of mine (Night Lights) but quickly developed into our team's shared vision. It is a narrative driven game which explores a boy's fears and anxieties, seen through family road trips as he battles his own dark imagination. The game revolves around the unique gameplay mechanic of attacking enemies by throwing different kinds of lights from the passing landscape to defeat them. As Co-Founder of Taperas Interactive, I was responsible for procuring financing to develop this game from the Competitive Funds for Culture (FCC, 2016), granted by the Ministry of Education and Culture (MEC).

Taperas Interactive

2017 - 2018

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2D Artist

Game Design


MedVenture I worked as artist on illustrations and animations for this prototype mobile game research project carried out by the University of Colorado ACCORDS mHealth & Informatics Core. The game revolves around teaching the patients about Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and the benefits of maintaining a healthy daily routine. We worked out how to fuse these concepts with the story of a castaway and involve the mechanics with the progress the player makes with his own improvements in the real world, through compulsory diary entries and daily checkups.


Ingenious Softworks


Programmer (C#)


2D/3D Artist



Game Designer

Potato Bumper Dash was my solo thesis project for the Bachelor's Degree in Animation & Videogame Design at ORT University Uruguay. It is a local split screen multiplayer game for up to four players in which you control futuristic bumper cars while chasing down the other players with potato bazookas. There are 6 playable characters and 4 stages, with a single player timer mode as a bonus. I made the game on my own, using Adobe Suite, Blender and Unity (C# Programming). Published on and Abya Cast (Beta) under TOASTudios.



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Game Designer

Level Designer

Tiny Giant Leaps is an educational game geared towards teaching young kids about Emotional Intelligence; funded by MIEM-DINATEL. I was in charge of prototyping and developing the Vertical Slice demo for Sofia Battegazzore, working alongside a programmer and artists. The game follows an alien who crash landes on an unknown world where emotions rule everything. He'll learn along the way how to deal with extreme emotions and how to be more in peace with himself and the world around him to better deal with life's obstacles.

Sofia Battegazzore


Background Artist

Level Designer

The Government Took My Cat is a game we made during one of the Game Jams I've attended throughout the years. This jam took place in Montevideo, Uruguay, during winter of 2016. We made this short game about government agents taking over this little girl's home town block, inspired by "Stranger Things" and the Metal Slug game series. 

Iron Cats Team


Contact Info

(+358) 414986401

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